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The Cold War 1945-91

NATO (the North Atlantic Treaty Organization) protect its members from Soviet aggression
United Nations founded to ensure international peace
Konrad Adenauer German Chancellor that helped West Germany recover more quickly
Wirtschaftswunder economic miracle; when Germany got tripled income and produced more goods
Charles de Gaulle president of France that established the Fifth Republic
Fifth Republic provided a constitution and strengthened the office of president
Liberal Democratic Party ruled Japan until 1993
Marshal Plan the pouring of billions of dollars into Western European countries, to help Europe rebuild and retool for a strong economic recovery
Common Market (European Economic Community); expanded cooperation to include other products
Republic of China the government of Taiwan
Great Leap Forward Mao's failed attempt to double the production of products from that of the previous year
Cultural Revolution a social and political purge released by Mao; it led to political chaos & economic upheaval for a decade
Tiananmen Square where students protested against Communist government
Inchon the place where the US attacked the Communists
Berlin Blockade the Soviets blockade of the Allies
38th parallel the line between North & South Korea
Ho Chi Minh a communist leader that resisted French efforts & declared Vietnam independent
Dien Bien Phu a battle in which Vietnamese Communists ended French efforts to regain Vietnam
Viet Cong Communist agents in the south
MAD a strategy of saving up enough ammunition to defeat one another
Sputnik the first man-made satellite
Created by: Bethany Hudson