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ERP Week 3

Breast and Testicular self-exam (BSE)

The MA may be asked to educate the client on; The proper technique for breast self-examination
Breast Self examination step; 1 Become familure with your breasts; Standing straight in the mirror, with arms at your side, look carefully at your breast
Breast Self examination step; 2 Look carefully for any lumps, dimples, depressions, or alterations in skin texture or papillae
Breast Self examination step; 3 Clasp your hands behind your head, pressing hands forward - look again at your breast, notice appearence
Breast Self examination step; 4 Put your hands on your hips, pull your shoulders and elbows forward - look again at your breast, noting the apperance
Breast Self examination step; 5 Stand straight, raise one arm and use the fingers of the opposite hand to deeply palpate every part of the breast in a circular clock motion
Breast Self examination step; 6 Beginning at 12 o'clock, carefully palpate the area represented for each hour
Breast Self examination step; 7 Gently squeeze the papilla to check for discharge
Breast Self examination step; 8 Lying flat supine with a folded towel or pillow under your left shoulder and arm raised above your head repeat circular motion
Testicular exams should begin being performed; Monthly - starting at age 15
Steps to perform a testicular self-exam; Instruct the male client to role each testicle gently between the thumb and fingers of both hands - inform the doctor if any lumps are noted
The best time perform a testicular or breast exam is; In the shower
Warning signs(Sx) and Symptoms(SX) of testicular cancer include; 1.Enlargement of testicles 2.A sensation of heaviness in the groin 3.A dull ache in the groin
Breast exams should be done; Monthly starting at age 20 and 1 week after menses
Created by: adrouillard