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ERP Week 3

Assisting with Gynecological Exam

A gynecological exam is AKA; A vaginal or pelvic exam
A pelvic exam should be scheduled; Approx. 2wks after LMP
Client should be instructed not to have sex, douche, use tampons, vaginal foams, or jellies for; 48 hours prior to the pelvic exam
Gynecological exam equipment includes; 1.Exam table w/stirrups 2.Head lamp 3.Vaginal speculum 4.Patient gowns 5.Exam gloves 6.Water soluble lubricant 7.Tissue 8.PAP kit 9.Cytology fixative 10.Cytology transport container w/biohazard transport bag 11.ThinPrep -liquid transport medium
A PAP -(Papanikolaou) smear collection kit containes; 1.Cervical spatula 2.Cervical brush 3.Culture swabs 4.Microscope specimen slides 5.Microscope specimen slide covers 6.Identification labels
What is a PAP smear; Cells are scraped from the cervix, and examined under a microscope for disease
The client should be advised to avoid the following for 48 hrs after a PAP; Vaginal sex, douche, use tampons, vaginal foams, or jellies
During a GYN exam it is prudent for the MA; To stay in the room during the entire pelvic and breast examination
The MA's responsibilities for a vaginal exam include; part 1 1.Assemble supplies needed 2.Identify patient / obtain conscent 3.Obtain and document vitals 4.Ask for urine specimen 5.Ask client to disrobe 6.Assist client into dorsal lithotomy position 7.Warm speculum 8.Hand doctor exam gloves
The MA's responsibilities for a vaginal exam include; part 2 9.Hand doctor speculum and lub 10.Hand doctor cervical spatula and/or brush 11.Hand doctor sterile culture swabs 12.Have microscope specimen slides avaialbe 13.Apply cytology fixative 14.Label specimens and package for transport
When applying cytology fixative you should; Hold the bottle 6 inches from the specimen slide and using a side to side motion, apply a light coat within 10 seconds of cell application
A sterile culture swab is used to; Collect vaginal discharge during a PAP
Cytology slides should be labeled with; 1.Clients name 2.Date 3.Time 4.Physician's name 5.Your initials 6.Location of sample *V - Vaginal *C - Cervical *E - Endocervical
After a cytology slide has dried, you should; Place in a cytology slide transport container, place the transport container in a Bio specimen transport bag, attach requisition,place in a secondary bio transport container and send to cytology lab
After the physician removes the speculum place it; In a basin to later be sanitized, disinfected AND sterilized
The client should be informed that after a PAP it is not unusual to Experience a small amount of vaginal bleeding for 24-48 hrs
Created by: adrouillard