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image of Jesus in Mark suffering servant; unrecognized suffering Messiah; very human and inquisitive
theological themes of Mark Jesus on a journey; more actions than words; Jesus as servant
Mark's audience largely Gentile Christians
portrayal of disciples in Mark confused in understanding of meaning of discipleship and initially responding inappropriately; discussing among themselves who was the greatest
message of Mark's gospel Jesus is with you, sharing your pain
gospel writer who was a tax collector Matthew
gospel writer who was a companion of Paul and Barnabas and then Peter Mark
gospel writer who was Paul's beloved physician Luke
gospel writer who was the brother of James and the son of Zebedee John
discipleship in Mark being servants of God and one another
Jesus in Mark's Passion Narrative abandoned
Mark's Passion Narrative Jesus' disciples fall asleep during his agony; betrayed by Judas with a kiss; Peter denies Jesus; no one speaks out for Jesus
Christian Scripture books reflect: the true life and teaching of Jesus Christ that had been received and handed on by the Apostles
message of the Prologue of John's Gospel Jesus is the Word of God
John's audience Christians of all backgrounds
image of Jesus in John Life-giving Divine Savior
author of John a disciple of the apostle John, who may have been the source of the testimony
unique perspective of John emphasizes symbolism; Jesus is fully God
author of Luke a Greek gentile and companion of Paul
Luke's audience Christians of Greek background
image of Jesus in Luke the Compassionate Savior
Matthew's genealogy of Jesus traced back to Abraham and David; audience placed great importance on Jesus being firmly rooted in Israel's history; shows that Jesus is the Messiah
image of Jesus in Matthew Teaching Savior
author of Matthew Jewish Christian of Palestinian origin
Matthew's audience Jewish Christians
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