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Chapter 18 Test

Hon World History

Edict of Nantes issued by Henry the IV in 1598 it recognized Catholicism as the official religion of France and protected the rights of Huguenots to worship I areas where they were a majority
What was the causes of the 30 Years War?  Catholics vs Protestant  Catholic-Ferdinand Holy Roman emperor and tried to force Catholicism in Czech Republic  Hapsburgs wanted to unify German states & absolute rulers  France does not want a unify Germany
What was the effect of the 30 Years War? Treaty of Westphalia which ended the war
What is the Treat of Westphalia? Treaty of Westphalia ended the war it said Germany will be divided into 300 states & Princes can be Calvinist
Divine Right the right that the kings power came from God
What is Balance of Power? o To keep one country from getting to powerful that the other o Queen Elizabeth tried to keep Spain and France from becoming too powerful and maintain the balance of power
James I o Believed in Divine Right o quarreled with Puritans in Parliament who wanted to make the Church more Protestant
Charles I o Son of James I o Believed in Divine Right o Signed Petition of Rights o Persecuted Puritans o Abused his power and caused the English Civil War
What was the Petition of Rights? put limits on the king’s power, preventing him from (a) taxing without Parliament, (b) imprisoning people without cause, (c) quartering troops in private homes, and (d) instituting martial law
Oliver Cromwell o Led the New Model Army o Defeated the kings forces and got rid of all supporters that did not agree with him o Parliament abolished monarchy and established a commonwealth o Got rid of parliament&established a military dictatorship
What was the new-found Parliament that Oliver Cromwell made called?  This was called rump parliament  Had Charles I executed in 1649
What did the New Model Army consist of? included extreme Puritans called Independents that thought they were doing battle for God
Charles II o King during restoration o Suspended laws Parliament had passed against Catholic and Puritans o Died brother James II became King
James II o King during restoration o Devout Catholic&named Catholics to high positions in the government o Wife gave birth to a son&Parliament took steps to remove him from power o When William & Mary (daughter) invaded Europe he and family fled to France
William and Mary o English nobles invited William of Orange & wife Mary (James II daughter) to invade England o Parliament offered the throne to William and Mary as long as they signed the Bill of Rights they did (it put limit on their power)
English Civil War o Began between Cavaliers (supporters of Charles I) or Roundheads (supporters of Parliament) o Oliver Cromwell became in power in New Model Army o Parliament was reduced to rump Parliament then no Parliament at all o Cromwell established a dictatorship
Restoration o Cromwell died & Parliament was restored to a monarchy under Charles II o Parliament kept power it won & right to approve taxes o Parliament passed the Test act which allowed Anglicans to hold office o Charles II died & his bro James II became king
Glorious Revolution -Nobles told William&Mary to invade England-James II fled to France-Parliament offered the throne to William&Mary signed the Bill of Rights-Toleration Act
What was the Toleration Act? granted Puritans (not Catholics) the right to worship
Why was England not a democracy? England was not a democracy because they had only few qualified voters
Hapsburg Empire wanted to unify German states to make an absolute ruler
Thomas Hobbes o Wrote Leviathan o People were evil&selfish o Believed life without gov. would be nasty,brutish,&short o Best form of gov. would be an absolute monarchy the people gave up all rights including the right to rebel o The rulers above the law o Divine Right
John Locke o People could learn from experience&improve themselves o State of nature people would be cooperative&reasonable o Influenced Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson
What did John Locke write? Two Treaties on Government
In John Locke opinion where did the government's power comes from? Gov. power was from consent of the governed (the people)
What was the best form of government in Locke's opinion? What did this government consist of? Best form of gov. limited monarchy protected people's natural rights (life, liberty, & property) gov. did not guarantee these rights people had a right to rebel
English Bill of Rights o Sign by Will&Mary o Parliament right to make laws&levy taxes o Parliament had to approve the kings raising of an army o Citizens had right to bear arms&jury by trial o Created a system of gov. based on the rule of the law&freely elected Parliament
After William and Mary signed the English Bill of Rights, what kind of government England became? -England became a constitutional monarchy with limited power over time (Parliament increased its power)
What is Absolutism? A form of government where the ruler holds total power
What can an absolutism monarch control? _legislative (makes laws)_ , _executive (enforces laws, and judicial (interprets laws)_ functions of government & control laws, taxes, justice, foreign policy, and the appointment of officials
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