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chpt 26

Russian Test Prep.

Proletariat Working class. Ex: factory and railroad workers, miners, and urban wage earners.
Soviet Council of workers and soldiers set up by Russian revolutionaries in 1917.
Cheka Early Soviet secret police force.
Commissar Communist party officials assigned to the army to teach party principles and ensure party loyalty during the Russian Revolution.
Command Economy System in which government officials make all basic economic decisions.
Collectives Large farm owned and operated by peasants as a group.
Atheism Belief that there is no god.
Gulag A system of forced labor camps in which millions of criminals and political prisoners were held under Stalin.
Kulaks A wealthy peasant in the Soviet Union in the 1930s.
Russification Making a nationality's culture more ethnically Russian.
Comintern International association of communist parties led by the Soviet Union for the purpose of encouraging worldwide communist revolution.
Socialist Realism An artistic style whose goal was to promote socialism by showing Soviet life in a positive light.
Created by: brendanlittle