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MDA 106

Final Review

How often does a physician's DEA registration have to be renewed? 2 years
What is the correct angle for an IM injection? 90 degrees
What is the correct angle for an ID injection? 10-15 degrees
What is the correct angle for an SQ injection? 45 degrees
What is the definition of a vial? a vial has a rubber stopper but does not have to be glass
What are the 3 types of syringes? Insulin, Hypodermic, TST
Characteristics of an Insulin syringe Can only be used for insulin. Measured in Units.
Characteristics of a TST syringe 1 ml capacity. Used for TB test, Allergy testing
Characteristics of a Hypodermic syringe Holds the most amount of liquid. 3ml largest amount to be injected. Anything more than 3ml is used strictly for irrigation.
What are the parts of a syringe? Barrel, Flange, Plunger, Calibrations
What are the parts of a needle? Needle, Shaft, Bevel, Hub
What is the definition of Synergistic? 1 and 1 equals 3. The effect is greater than the individual
What is the definition of anaphylaxis? Severe allergic reaction characterized by rash, hives, swelling, difficulty breathing
Needle gauge and length for ID injection 26-27g 1/2"
Needle gauge and length for IM injection 21-25g 1-1/2" for Delt 1-3" for Glut
Needle gauge and length for SQ injection 23-25g 5/8"
Characteristics of a suspicious TB test 10mm Wheal is suspicious. Up to provider to send for CXR. 15mm Wheal is a positive response, but does not mean pt has TB. CXR is required.
How to administer medication in the eye Have pt lay down and look back as far as they can. Administer med in the outer corner of the eye. Have pt blink a few times to spread med throughout eye.
Controlled Substance Act 1970. Oversees narcotics. Overseen by DEA.
Who oversees the DEA? FDA
What is an Indication and a Contraindication? Indication: Reason why a drug or therapy should be used. Contraindication: Reason why a drug or therapy should NOT be used
Oral medications: Capsules, Tablets, Gel Caps
What do you do with expired medications? Per clinic protocol
What is a needle gauge? The diameter of a needle. The bigger the number, the smaller the gauge.
Recommended sites for ID injection Forearm, Back, Leg
Recommended sites for SQ injection Arm, Back, Thigh, Stomach
Recommended sites for IM injection Delt, Vastus Lateralis, Z-track, Glut
Proper way to apply a transdermal patch Rub from the center out
What are the 7 rights Patient, Attitude, Dosage, Documentation, Medication, Time, Technique
What is recorded when a patient is sent home with narcotics PT Name/DOB Date/Time Medication/Strength Qty Directions Provider Dispenser
How is a pediatric dose determined? By weight
Fastest and slowest methods of drug administration Fastest: Intravenous Slowest: Oral
What type of syringe holds more than 3ml of fluid and what is it used for? Hypodermic. Used for irrigation only
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