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Global Studies Final- Countires

What is the Hindu belief that all living things have value and violence should not be used? Ahimsa
Who was the first Prime Minister of India? Niehru
Who fought against the caste system and untouchability? Ghandi
Who is a British government representative in India? Indian Civil Service
Which event united Indians against British rule? Amritsar Massacre
What is the act of knowingly breaking a law to get a response? Civil Disobedience
An Indian hired to be a soldier for the British is called? Sepoy
What is the Hindu end of reincarnation called? Moksha
In Hinduism, what are the religious and moral duties of an individual? Dharma
Explain the Gupta dynasty. Period of peace and prosperity, Golden Age. Farming and Trade flourished. Many Advancements
How did the Amritsar massacre affect the movement for Indian Independence? Turned millions of moderate Indians from patient, loyal supporters of British rule into nationalists
What were characteristics of Indus Valley ancient cities? Known for pottery. Well planned, farming adn trading, written language, religion (Polytheistic)
Mohenjo-Daro adn harappa most likely declined because of what situations? Repeated floods caused shift in river and Famine
The Aryan people were able to control the Indus Valley through the creation of what system? Beginning Caste System they were a warrior Aristocracy
Created by: PLHSWorld