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Global Studies Final-Countries

Promoting the status of women, providing universal housing, improving literacy, and increasing healthcare were all reforms created by who? Mao Zedong
Who fought against opium trade restrictions in China? British
Who created the Great Leap Forward and what was it? Mao Zadons Individualization through small-scale projects in peasant community
Who was the founding father of the republic of China? Sun Yat-sen
What territory did China lose control of after the first opium war? Hons Kons
Feet that have been perfectly bound in less than 3 inches are called what? Golden Lotus
Whose troops forced Communists to embark on the Long March? Chiang Kai-shek
Where did members of the nationalist Party flee to after the war with the Communists? Taiwan
Under Confucian beliefs what is the relationship between young people and their elders called? Filial Peity
What caused the alliance between the Communist and Nationalist parties? Fight against Japanese
What was the revolt against the Quing Dynasty? Taiping Rebellion
During the Tang Dynasty, how were government positions appointed? Placement by scores on civil service exam
Explain the Mandate of Heaven. T'ien Ming "Divine Right to Rule"
What was the name for the 4000 miles of trade routes linking China to the Mediterranean Sea: Silk Road
Which philosophy believes "strength, not goodness, is the ruler's greatest virtue? legalism-Hanfeizi
Created by: PLHSWorld