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Global 9 Review

What Purpose does works of art and architecture serve? to reflect the values of society
What is a primary source? letters, diary, interviews, objects/artifacts created by a person who experienced the event
What does an archeologist study? physical artifacts of a culture
Define Culture. Total learned heritage of a group (total way of life)
Define Cultural Diffusion spreading of ideas from one culture to another
According to the findings of Mary Leakey, where did early humans first appeared in AFRICA? Great Rift Valley
Explain the Neolithic Revolution. A change from nomadic herding to settled farming
Why is the Neolithic Revolution considered a turning point? Because it was a change from hunting gathering to farming which included the domestication of plants and animals
List the effects of the Neolithic Revolution. A. Surplus of food B. Rise of cities C. Job specialization D. Development of new technology
Why were river valleys were great locations to start a civilization? •Irrigation: water for crops and human use •Annual Flooding: supplied fertile soil for crops each year •Transportation: allowed for trade and cultural diffusion •Food Supply: fish and other items – land animals came near to drink
Define Hammurabi’s Code of Laws. first written set of laws in history – based on the “eye for an eye” principle
Define Dynastic Cycle. Rise and fall of a dynasty
Define Mandate of Heaven. the power to govern comes from good
What is China known for? civil service system, invented gunpowder, and manufactured porcelain
What is the purpose of the Great Wall? protect the Chinese from the nomadic tribe attacks
What is the Indian Caste System? Social Class structure. Very Rigid
How does the Indian Caste System affect people's lives? o Way of life and religious element o Determine by birth o No social mobility o Provided a sense of identity o Determined a person’s occupation
Why was the Mauryan and Gupta Empire traded limited? Geographic features
Why were The Phoenicians are often referred to as the "carriers of civilization"? Because they traded
Define Polytheism. Belief in many gods
Define Monotheism. Belief in one god
List Monotheistic Religions. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
What does • Five Pillars of Faith of Islam, the Ten Commandments of Judaism and Christianity, and the Eightfold Path of Buddhism have in common? they all serve as guidelines to follow in personal conduct/living
Why was Mohammed’s journey from Mecca to Medina important? the journey signified the establishment of the Islamic faith
What does Japanese Shintoism and African animism have in common? that everything in nature has a spirit and should be respected
Buddhism Four Noble Truths, Eightfold Path, establish peace and harmony, and nirvana
Confucianism Relationships, establish peace and harmony, and Filial piety
Define Filial Piety. respect for ones elders
How is The Eight Fold Path similar to the ten commandments and five pillars? They are laws to live your life by.
How did the mountainous terrain of affect Greece? They were forced to settle in scattered settlements or small independent city states.
What was a major contribution of the Roman Republic to Western European culture? a concept of government by laws
What were the major causes for the fall of Roman Empire? political corruption and the instability of the government
What did the Eater Portion of the Roman Empire become known as? Byzantine Empire
Define Hellenistic Culture. cultural diffusion of Greek, Persian, Egypt, and Indian Culture
Who was responsible for creating the Hellenistic Culture? Alexander the Great
Why was West African city of Timbuktu prosperous? the gold and salt trade
What was Mansa Musa’s journey to Mecca in the 1300s is evidence of? Islam had a major influence on the Mali Empire
What is the Golden Age of Africa known for? great mosques and center of learning
what did the Byzantine Empire preserve? Greco-roman culture and christianity
Who was the leader of the Byzantine Empire? •Justinian
Byzantine Achievements Hagia Sophia, icons, preservation of Greek and Roman learning, Justinian codes
What is the Justinian’s code? codes of law. Similar the Rome's Twelve Tables.
What was the Golden Age of Muslim culture best known for? advances in Math, Science, and medicine
Define Feudalism. Land was exchanged for military service and obligations. Characterized by an emphasis on social order; awarding land to elite
What caused the need for the system of Feudalism? weakness of central government authority
Define Manorialism. economic system in Feudal society
What did the Catholic Church provide during European Feudalism? a sense of stability, unity, and order
What was Chivalry in medieval Europe was most similar to? Japanese warrior’s code of bushido•
What theme did art, music, and philosophy of the medieval period in Europe generally deal with? religion
A result of the Crusades. increased trade between Europe and Asia
How did Japan adapt to its geography? building terraces into the mountainsides to grow crops
Define Bushido. Samurai code
Define Humanism. an appreciation for the basic work of individual achievement. People should study worldly subjects as well as sacred matters.
What was the major reason that the Renaissance began in Italy? Italian city-states had grown wealthy from trade between Europe and Asia
Causes of the Reformation. .Kings and princes in northern Europe resented the power of the Catholic Church •Movable-type printing press •Sale of indulgences •Ninety-five Theses posted (1517)
Results of the Reformation. new Christian denominations emerged and end of religious unity
What is the Ninety-Five Thesis? a document with ninety-five statements about changes that needed to made within the Catholic Church. Written by Martin Luther.
What does The Aztec use of the calendar and the Maya writing system both illustrate that pre-Columbian cultures in the Americas before European contact? They flourished.
What is the Columbian Exchange? Global exchange of people, plants, animals, ideas and technology
What is the Middle Passage? Slave trade route from Africa to America
What did Peter The Great force on the people of Russia? western culture
What was a goal of Absolute Monarchs? centralize political power
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