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Josiah's second Exam


King John
Kublai Khan He was the emperor of China during the time of Marco Polo, and he asked for christian men to come to his country and preach the gospel, but they didn't.
Joan of Arc She claimed to have seen a vision of the arc angel telling her to lead the French into the a hundred years war. She got caught by the British and was burned at the stake for witch craft.
John Wycliffe
Johann Gutenberg He invented the printing press with individual letters made of wood and later of metal instead of sheets of wood that you had to carve.
Leonardo da Vinci
King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella These people caused the inquisttion in Spain and funded Christopher Columbus on his journey to "The West Indies".
Martin Luther He Started the Reformation by Nailing the ninety-five theses to the door of the Wittenberg church.
John Calvin He tried to give everyone a bible in their own language.
King Henry III
John Knox
Sir Gawain
Sir Gareth
King Arthur the fearless night-king who was faithful, pure, and trusted enough to have the great sword Excalibur, which with it he couldn't be defeated.
Johnny Tremain His dream was to be a silversmith, but he burned his hand. After that he went to work with his friend Rab delivering newspapers and hiding out with the sons of Liberty, he eventually joined the Revolutionary war.
Barbara and Regina Leininger
North East Explorers
The Spanish Explorers
Magellan His crew was the first to travel all the way around the world, but he died before he finished his voyage.
John Smith
Lewis and Clark
John Winthrop
Roger Williams
Charles Finney
General Baron von Steuben
Jonathan Edwards
Vincent Wingfield
Stonewall Jackson
Captain Stephen
James Monroe
Eli Whitney
Santa Anna
Robert E. Lee
Ulysses S. Grant
Abraham Lincoln
Theodore Roosevelt
The Wright Brothers
Neil Armstrong The first man to walk on the moon who made the famous speech "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind".
Corrie Ten Boom
What was the Magna Carta? List 3 rights that it guaranteed.
What was Thomas Aquinas’ greatest work and what was it about? Why did he fail to complete it?
Approximately how many people died from the Black Death?
4. What did Joan of Arc claim to have seen?
What translation of the Bible did Wycliffe produce?
What happened to the Old Roman Empire after Mohammed II took Constantinople?
What was the first book Gutenberg printed?
What was the Renaissance?
What did Henry’s school help accomplish?
What did Columbus believe God had called him to do?
What is another name the colony of Roanoke has been given? Why?
What agreement was signed before settling at Plymouth? Why was it needed?
What problems arose between the British and the French that caused the French and Indian Wars?
Why did the First Continental Congress meet?
What was the Declaration of Independence? Who drafted it?
How did Washington’s men emerge from Valley Forge?
What three rights did the Constitution give government?
Why was James Monroe sent by Jefferson to purchase New Orleans? What did he purchase and for how much?
What was the Erie Canal? What did it do for New York?
20. What changed regarding the voting process before Andrew Jackson’s election?
What was the Indian Settlement Act of 1830?
When did the US finally obtain a peace treaty with Mexico? What present day states became part of the holdings of the US after the War with Mexico?
What was the Emancipation Proclamation?
How did the North and South disagree about state government?
What was General Lee’s purpose in invading Gettysburg, PA?
Why did the railroad seem to make the nation smaller?
How did most American hear about the cruelty of the Spanish over Cuba?
What happened to the U.S.S Maine in Cuba?
Who was America’s most famous inventor? Name two things he invented.
What were the dates of the Great World War? The dates for the first World War are July 28th, 1914-November 11th, 1918.
Who were the Central Powers? Who were the Allied Powers? The Central powers were Germany, the Ottoman Empire, Bulgaria, and Austria-Hungary. The Allied Powers were America, Serbia, Russia, France, Romania, Belgium, British Empire, Italy , And other small countries.
When did World War II begin? List the Axis and Allied Powers.
What happened at Pearl Harbor on Dec. 1, 1941? The Japanese bombed the boats in pearl harbor, dragging the USA into World War II.
Who was the president who issued the drop of the atomic bomb? Harry Truman was the president who ordered the atomic bomb to drop.
What was the “Cold War”?
Created by: BDuShaw