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History Questions

Adair Final

What series of changes in Western Europe led to the Middle Ages? fall of Roman Empire; loss of culture; feudalism cut off from Byzantine Empire
Who was Charlemagne and what were his accomplishments? united Frankish region; expanded empire; strengthened diffusion of Christian ideas
What was the role of Feudalism and Manorialism and why were they necessary? feudalism and manorialism kept all of the people in one place, and represented a divide in society; necessary to
As the Roman Catholic Church became more powerful in the Middle Ages, why was it destined to clash with kings? popes began reducing power of these "absolute rulers"
Why is this period called the "Age of Faith?" most decisions and events were related to the church; faith either increased or decreased in the church during this period
Explain the three main abuses that distressed church reformers. lay investiture, simony, marriage of streets
What were the causes of the Crusades? What were the effects? wanted Jerusalem; hatred between Muslims and Christians became strong; Europeans were exposed to the culture
What was the Magna Carta and what did it represent? rules reducing power of king by giving basic rights; represented equality
What were the effects of the Hundred Years War? How did this change warfare in Europe? end of chivalric warfare (longbow); nationalism was introduced
How was Islam introduced to East Africa? trade
What were some of the effects of the East African Trade on different cultural groups? Swahili language; diffusion of Islamic ideas
What was Africa's role in the Indian Ocean Basin Trade System? Africa was the middle man
How were the Aztecs able to overcome the problems associated with Tenochtitlan's island location? they were able to use the land to their advantage; planted using the surrounding water
How did the Aztec need for victims for sacrifice lead to the problems controlling the empire? people began to loathe the empire due to their killing of much population
How did the Inca overcome their geographic obstacles in building and ruling their empire? built terrace-like structured with steps to plant crops; also demanded high tribute
Three ways the Inca government involved itself in people's lives. welfare, required public service, military for all able-bodied males
Why did the Renaissance begin in Italy? Rome; in the middle of Europe - easy access to both Ottomans and West Europeans
What were the values and characteristics in the Renaissance? humanism; mostly secular. People can do whatever they put their minds to
How significant was Martin Luther? Johann Gutenberg? Henry VIII? Martin reformed the church, Gutenberg made the printing press, Henry VIII started Church of England
How did society and culture change during the Renaissance? people gained governmental and economical equality; art was being produced and religious beliefs were being tested and strengthened
How did the Ottomans expand and rule their empire? strong navy/army; cannons
Why were Europeans seeking new trade routes? Ottomans were spiking trade prices
Why was Portugal the leader in exploration? geographical location; had technology and ambition to cross the Atlantic
Why were trading posts established in the Indian Ocean? In other words, what was the attraction to the IOB? Spices and such in India; gold in Africa
Accomplishments/legacy of Christopher Columbus? first European to reach/colonize Americas; started legacy of taking over land for colonialization
Why the clash between Cortes and Montezuma II? Aztecs thought Cortes was a god, but he wasn't; Aztecs were despised by surrounding reasons due to human sacrifice
What was the role of the conquistadors? gaining American lands for the Spanish
Who competed for North America? Spain, England, France, Netherlands
What were factors leading to European colonists to use Africans for their labor force? Native Americans were dying of disease; Africans could be easily picked out
What were some consequences of the Atlantic Slave Trade? Africa was weakened; America and Europe were getting rich; tension between Africans and Europeans
Explain the Columbian Exchange. Manufactured goods sent to Africa in exchange for slaves; slaves sent to work in Americas and make raw products; raw products sent to Europe for manufacturing
How did the theory of mercantilism lead to colonization? countries felt that this was the best way to obtain money without much loss; major profit for the European countries
Created by: William Little