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History Terms c20

Adair Final

Columbus man who made daring voyage west to Asia in order to reach Asia without crossing Muslims; reached and colonized Americas
Colonies areas owned by another country
Vespucci first to realize that Americas were not India
Magellan first to circumnavigate
Cortes Spaniard who reached shore of Mexico; was first of conquistadors; conquered Aztecs
Conquistadors Spanish colonists; attacked Native Americans
Pizarro conqueror of the Incas
Atahualpa Inca capital
Mestizo mixed Spaniard/Native American
Peninsulares top class in colonies; people straight from Europe
Encomienda system requiring Native Americans to work the land; social order
Verrazzano French explorer who reached New York bay; 3 voyages; killed and eaten in the Bahamas by inhabitants
Cartier French explorer; claimed Canada for France
Champlain founder of Quebec, "Father of New France"
New France French colonies of Americas; much of North America
Jamestown first English colony; in Virginia
Plymouth Colony founded in 1620; Pilgrims were the founders
Puritans founded Massachusetts colony; wanted religious freedom in the area; wanted to convert native people
New Netherlands New York area; strong fur trade
Seven Years' War battles between France and Britain over continents all over the world
French and Indian War Seven Years' War in Americas; Native Americans fought on each side; English won
Relationship with Native Americans mostly poor; many tried to enslave the population; often kicked off of land or wiped out by disease
Atlantic Slave Trade transport of Africans to the Americas
Triangular Trade trade route between Africa, colonies, and Europe
Middle Passage middle route of triangular trade; slaves transported to Americas
Columbian Exchange the movement of goods, animals, and slaves from to and from the colonies
Capitalism economic system in which private ownership is encouraged; free market
Joint-Stock Company encouraged people to invest to try to gain money (or lose it) to attempt to progress a colony
Mercantilism idea that money dictated the power of a country
Favorable Balance of trade sell more than you buy
Created by: William Little