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History Terms c18

Adair Final

Ghazis warriors in Ottoman Empire; Anatolians saw themselves this way
Ottomans followers of the most successful ghazi, Osman; his followers formed a Muslim state in Anatolia between 1300 and 1326
Sultan term meaning overlord; Orkhan I, Osman’s son, was the first sultan
Mehmed II Murad II’s son aka Mehmed the Conqueror; he captured Constantinople
Siege of Constantinople cannons were brought to shore and pounded through the walls of the city
Suleyman the Lawgiver ruler at the empire’s peak; aka Suleyman the Magnificent; he expanded, structured the social construct, and had 20,000 slaves
Devshirme system for gaining soldiers; janissaries
Janissaries Christian children drafted to the army; were educated and people wanted children in the program
Decline of the Empire trade in the Americas made them unable to be the middlemen when trading
Created by: William Little