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History Terms c17

Adair Final

Renaissance age of cultural rebirth
Role of merchants (Renaissance) rich; even led cities like Florence
Medici Family wealthy merchants; patrons; controlled Florence
Humanism the idea that people can do what ever they set their minds to; secular
Secular spirit people began relying on themselves instead of on the church
Patrons people who endorse artists
"Renaissance Man" person who could do anything
Perspective technique making paintings look 3D
Michaelangelo painter/sculpture; David and Sistine Chapel
Leonardo da Vinci the Renaissance man; painted, sculpted, physicist, etc.
Raphael architect and painter; House of Athens
Dante Italian Renaissance poet
Vernacular native language; way secular writing was done
Machiavelli political advisory; felt people were inherently evil
Johann Gutenberg inventor of printing press
Printing Press made recreation of documents much faster; made information travel much faster
Causes of Reformation people were able to purchase their own salvation; Martin Luther felt this was not like the church
Martin Luther started reformation of the church
Indulgences the purchase of salvation
Johann Tetzel friar and preacher known for giving indulgences
95 Theses letter written by Martin Luther explaining his issues with the church
Reformation split of the church into even more divisions; end of indulgences
Lutherans followers of Martin Luther
Protestants those protesting the Catholic church with their practice of Christianity
Peace of Augsburg agreement that kept religious division within the Holy Roman Empire
Henry VIII wanted to divorce his wife because he could not get a son; couldn't so he had them killed
Reformation Parliament set of laws reducing the power of the church.
Anglican English
Act of Supremacy said king was above pope in political matters
Elizabeth promoted English Renaissance; time known as Elizabethan Era
Created by: William Little