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History Terms c14

Adair Final

Age of Faith Middle ages; religion was the focus during this time
Simony sale of church positions
Pope Urban II pope who unleashed the holy war; wanted Jerusalem
Crusades a holy war. Multiple of these occurred over a span of 300 years
Reconquista the reconquest of Southern Spain by Christians. They drove all others out of the area: Muslims and Jews.
Ferdinand and Isabella led the Reconquista
Inquisition the method used for expelling Jews and Muslims. This was a way that they convicted them with heresy against Christianity, and were burned at the stake.
Guild a place that controls all of the sales and prices of a single product
Commercial Revolution European economic expansion, colonialism, and mercantilism in the 1200s
Vernacular native language
William the Conqueror first Norman English king; defeated final Anglican king
Battle of Hastings battle in which William the Conqueror defeated Harold
Henry II king who started common law and juries
Common Law all follow the same laws
Magna Carta guaranteed basic rights
King John cruel king who was forced to sign the Magna Carta
Model Parliament legislative group in England
Philip II started Estates=Gemeral
Estates-General the French group that represented each of the three classes in France. This never limited the king’s power, but this was still a step towards democracy.
Avignon Papacy and Great Schism time when there were multiple popes at a time; French and Italian pope causing a divide
Bubonic Plague disease that killed 1/3 of Europe during the high Middle Ages
Hundred Years War war between England and France; brought forth nationalism and ended the Middle Ages
Longbow weapon able to pierce through armor; ended chivalric warfare
Joan of Arc French peasant girl who eventually led France to a victory; however, was captured and was burned at the stake with no French effort to save her
Created by: William Little