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History Terms c13

Adair Final

Middle Ages the period of time that occurred after the downfall of the Roman Empire. It was a time where culture and trade suffered and declined.
Medieval Period another term for the Middle Ages
Germanic Kingdoms independent nomadic groups living near the old Roman Empire
Role of Christianity most important part of life; pope also led the government
Monasteries religious sanctuaries where all possessions and worldly life is abandoned. Christian Germanic peoples went to these places to practice religion.
Papal Power not just religious, but Gregory I made it secular too
Secular of the world
Charlemagne third ruler during the Carolingian Dynasty, and he was successful. He expanded the Frankish Empire, lowered rule of nobles, and spread Christianity
Charles Martel Charlemagne's grandfather; won Battle of Tours
Vikings warlike Scandinavians who raided other areas; first Europeans to reach Americas
Feudalism government where lords controlled land and had full independence on the land given to them by a king
Manorialism the economic division of the feudal are; serfs could never leave the manor.
Tithe church tax; 10% of all money
Clergy church members
Sacraments Christian rituals such as communion
Canon Law laws made by the church
Excommunication when a pope banishes someone
Interdict when a pope bans sacraments
Holy Roman Empire basically Germany and Italy; united with the church
Lay Investiture when a king/noble appoints a church official
Concordat of Worms only the church could appoint officials, but kings could veto
Frederick I wanted royal authority in the church; was cruel in attacks against rich Italian cities to get money and increase power
Battle of Legano when the Lombard league battle Frederick I; the Lombard league (German princes + pope) won
Created by: William Little