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Who wrote the Leviathan? Thomas Hobbes
Who is known for saying what they think? Voltaire
Believed people are basically moral and reasonable? John Locke
Believed people should give up their state of nature for an organized society? Thomas Hobbes
Government control should be limited? Rousseau
Strong supporter of Laissez-Faire? Adam Smtih
Believed that the separation of powers is the best for checks and balances? Montesquieu
Believed life without law and strict control would be solitary, poor, and short? Thomas Hobbes
Read about the governments and cultures of Ancient and Medieval Europe, China, and the Native Americans? Montesquieu
Defended principles of freedom of speech? Voltaire
His articles included works from Montesquieu and Voltaire? Diderot
Wrote the Wealth of Nations which defined the law of supply and demand? Adam Smith
Famous philosophies? Voltaire
Wrote the Two Treatises of government? John Locke
Believed in their natural state people are basically good but corrupted by the evils of society? Rousseau
Using biting wit and sarcastic humor to make his point and expose government abuses corrupt officials and idle aristocrats. Voltaire
Well British social critic? Mary Wollstonecraft
Wrote the Spirit of laws? Montesquieu
Detested the slave trade and deplored religious prejudice? Voltaire
Government should have limited power? John Locke
Government jobs is to protect society administer and provide public work? Adam Smith
Purpose was to change the way of general thinking? Diderot
Imposed and forced into exile? Voltaire
Supported the idea of 3 separate branches of government? Montesquieu
Imposed new ideas on topics of government, philosophy, and religion? Diderot
I wrote the Social Contract? Rousseau
British economist who believes in the free market system? Adam Smith
Came from a poor family and felt out of place socially among others? Rousseau
Believed people are naturally greedy and selfish? Thomas Hobbes
Sharply criticized the government idea of a absolute monarchy? Thomas Hobbes
Wrote the Vindication of the rights of women? Mary Wollestonecraft
I believe people have the natural rights of life, liberty, and property? John Locke
I believe the market place is better? Adam Smith
Equal education for boys and girls? Mary Wollestonecraft
Believe only powerful governments such as absolute monarchy can impose order and compel obedience? Thomas Hobbes
I wrote 28 volumes of Encyclopedia? Diderot
I believe a womans first duty is to be a good mother? Mary Wollestonecraft
I believe the good of the community should be placed above an individual rights? Rousseau
Created by: CierraS