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History MC

Max And Pancakes

How did the clergy raise money to pay for church projects and positions?
What did Martin Luther believe about salvation?
What was the reformation?
What is the Counter Reformation?
Describe the scientific method?
What earlier works were the new scientific methods based on?
What is heliocentrism?
What does circumnavigate mean?
What is astrolabe?
Be able to identify a complete list of the things that Isaac Newton studied.
What was the earliest civilization to develop in the Americas?
Describe the Mayan written language and math?
How did Maya and Aztec select people to be sacrificed?
How did the Inca maximize the available land for farming?
-In which modern country did the Aztecs live?
-In which modern country did the Inca live?
What were the results of Vasco da Gama’s voyage?
Which nation defeated Spain’s navy; thus beginning a long, slow decline for Spain as a World power?
Created by: TheKoala