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Ch. 17 Quiz

What were the reasons that the Spanish were able to conquer the natives? disease weakened the natives; Spanish fought on horseback and had better weapons; some of the natives didn't like their leaders and helped the Spansh
What was mercantilism? New economic theory that develops during the age of exploration; Basic idea: a country should acquire as much gold and silver as possible; the more gold and silver a country has, the more powerful it will be
What was mercantilism? government should regulate trade, set up colonies, and ensure a favorable balance of trade, use tariffs on foreign goods; the less you import the less you have to depend on other countries
Who were Dias and Da Gama? Both explorers for Portugal; Diaz: got to the tip of Africa then returned to Portugal; Da Gama: took same route but went to southern India
What was the Middle Passage? From Africa to the Americas, the trip for people who had been slaved, transported from Africa to the Americas
What technology made voyages of exploration possible? Latin sail for ships that were used on voyages; Multiple masts on the ships; Used a compass; A rudder located in the stern of the ship, helps steer the ship
What was Triangular Trade? Europe, Africa, and the Americas; One leg goes from Europe to Africa and involves manufactured goods such as guns; One leg goes from Africa to the Americas and involves slaves; One leg goes from America to Europe and involves raw goods
What was Portugal's role in the Age of Exploration? The first country to be involved in exploration; Spain was the second
Who were Cortes and Pizarro? Both conquistadors; Come to America after Columbus claimed the land for the Spanish; Their job to defeat the native empires; Cortes: defeats the Aztecs; Pizarro: defeats the Incas
What was the motive for exploration? to make profits
Who was Prince Henry? From Portugal; He was the reason that Portugal took the lead in exploration; Not an explorer; Set up a school for map makers, sailors, and navigators
Who was Columbus? Sponsored by Spain; Believed that by sailing west across the Atlantic, he believed he would be near Asia; His voyage led to the discoveries of the Americas; Gave Spain the right to colonize the Americas
Who was Magellan? Sponsored by Spain; His crew was the first to go all the way around the world
What was the Treaty of Tordesillas? Divides the world between Spain and Portugal; Recognizes Spain as having the right to the Americas; Portugal is put in control of the Spice Trade
What were the reasons that Africans were enslaved? There aren't enough natives; The Africans had immunities to the diseases that were killing the Native Americans; Know how to farm; Not very likely to run away
What is the reason for the decline of Native American population? disease
Created by: bm0724