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World Studies 7

The Global Community CHAPTER 20

free trade areas remove tariffs and quotas(quotas: amount of products other countries can sale to these trade zones)
single market enables states to trade with one another without restriction
European Union (EU) is an economic and political alliance of nearly thirty nations across Europe
euro currency used by sixteen member states of the EU
Al Gore insists that man is causing climate change & that dire consequences are just over the horizon
global warming a belief that man is causing climate change & that dire consequences are just over the horizon
Vaclav Klaus rejected the claims of global warming
Energy coal, wind, nuclear, solar, water, & oil
embryonic stem cells are used by scientists to try to find cures to diseases, but in the process the embryo is destroyed
adult stem cells are used by scientists and actually have helped with diseases and it doesn't have the same moral dilemma as embryonic stem cell research does
Saddam Hussein Dictator of Iraq and attacked Iran
Taliban radical Muslim group
Osama bin Laden a Saudi extremist
al Qaeda a terrorist network built by Osama bin Laden that operated out of Afghanistan
Wahhabist this movement has used the vast wealth generated by oil sales to spread the literal application of Islam to many parts of the world
madrasses religious Muslim schools
Created by: Bethany Hudson