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Chapter 17 Test

World History

Reasons Spanish were able to conquer Aztec/Inca 1. they had better weapons and used horses in battle 2. some natives fought against their own leaders 3. disease had weakened the Native population
Mercantilism o A set principal in the 17th century; the prosperity of a nation depends on a large supply of gold & silver o Goal to be self sufficient
Bartholomeu Dias reached the southern tip of India in 1488 which he called Cape Good Horn and returned
Vasco de Gama sailed to Calicut India; but merchants were reluctant to trade with him; made a profeit in Spices from India
Middle Passage The forced voyage of enslaved Africans across the Atlantic ocean to the Americas
Effects of the Slave Trade (a) depopulated some areas of Africa (b) deprived African communities of workers (c) increased warfare in Africa with the introduction of guns
Technology that made voyages of exploration possible -Lateen sails -Rudder -Compass
Caravel a small, fast, maneuverable ship that had a large cargo hold and usually three masts with lateen sails (triangular sails)
Triangular Trade -European merchants carried guns and clothe to Africa-Trade for enslaved Africans-Africans sold in America-European merchants buy tobacco,molasses,sugar,&raw cotton to send back to Europe-Trade that connected Europe, Africa, and the American continents
Portugal’s role in Age of Exploration first Europeans to undergo voyage explorations
Cortes defeated Montezuma and conquered the aztec empire (present day Mexico)
Motives for exploration o Fascinated and want to trade with China o Interest by the book Marco Polo wrote The Travels when he went to China o Glory of adventure
Prince Henery the Navigator set up schools for sailors
Columbus Had key role in bringing Europe into contact with the Americas (1492)
Magellan crew sailed around the world (first circumnavigation)
Pizarro defeated Atahuallpa and conquered the incan empire (present day Peru)
Treaty of Tordesillas Line drawn by the Pope in 1493 (line of demarcation) divided the world between Spain and Portugal Spain received lands west of the line, Portugal took lands east of the line
Reasons Africans were enslaved -Americas needed people to farm the sugarcane plantations since not enough Native Americans they shipped slaves from Africa to fill the labor void -European Expansion -Prisoners of war
Reasons for decline of Native American population Diseases like smallpox, measles, and typhus decimated native populations disease is the primary cause of deaths of Native Americans
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