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Medical Terminology

pre fix and suffix

a-,an- not, without
brady- slow
-cele swelling/hernia
chole- gall/bile
contra- against
-desis bonding or fusing
dys- difficult/painful
-ectomy excision
-emia blood
endo inner, inside of
enter/0 intestines
gluco;glyco- sugar
herni/a rupture
hist/o tissue
-iasis condition of
laparo- abdomen/abdominal wall
mal- bad,poor
myel/0 spinal cord,bone marrow
-oma toumor
ortho- straight
-osis abnormal condition
stomy creating an artificiatl opening
otomy incision into
para near, beside, alongside
pathy disease
ped(greek) child
ped(latin) feet
peri surrounding
pnea breathing
poly many
rrhea flow, discharge
rrhage bursting forth
spondyl/o vertebra
trophy development,nurishment,condition of
vas/o vessel
Malacia softing
Lysis setting free
centesis surgical puncture
meta beyond
dynia pain
plasty modling/shaping
oid like/resemble
hypo below/under
hyper above/over
stasis control flow
ante pre/before
algia pain
inter between
intra within
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