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MDA 106

Chatper 36 Review

The leading cause of med errors: Wrong dosage
When administering medications: Follow the scope of practice (state laws), be somewhat familiar with the drug, know the effect of the drug
Three time medication rule: 1. When pulling out of the storage area 2. Before removing it from it's container 3. Before administering/returning back to storage if not administered
Why do we aspirate? To make sure the needle is not in a blood vessel
If upon aspiration you see blood, what do you do? Pull the needle out, saftey the needle, discard the needle, start over
Parenteral is administered anyway other than: Oral or GI
Hypoxemia means: Lack of oxygen in the blood
The 7 rights are: Patient, attitude, documentation, dosage, technique, time, medication
Where and how do we discard needles? In a sharps container. The container has to have a label and be made of thick plastic. To discard: Safety the needle, discard needle first
Angle for administering IM 90 degrees, 22-25g, 1-1/2" Delt, 1-3" Glute
Angle for administering SQ 45 degrees, 23-25g, 5/8"
Angle for administering ID 10-15 degrees, looking for a wheal 6-10mm
What should you do if a medication error occurs? Assess the patient, inform the provider STAT, document
4 parts fo a syringe: Barrel, Flange, Plunger, Calibration
4 parts of a needle: Needle, shaft, hub, bevel
Conversion for converting lbs to kg Divide lbs by 2.2
Conversion for converting kg to lbs Multiply kg by 2.2
Steps to opening an ampule: Flick to empty neck of fluid. clean neck with alcohol swab, wrap in paper towel, pull top towards you
Conversion for converting g to mg g X 1000
Factors considered when determing the proper dosage: Age, sex, weight, health status, other medications taken, history
What is being measured by a liter? Volume
What is being measured by a gram? Weight
QID Four times a day
BID Two times a day
TID Three times a day
Q Every
H Hour
QOD Every Other Day
Q4H Every 4 Hours
Created by: JDenning8984