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ERP Week 1

Vital Signs and Measurements Chpt 37 - Temperature

Vital signs TPRBP refer to: 1.T Temperature 2.P Pulse 3.R Respirations 4.BP blood pressure
Body temperature(T) is usually lower when? It is lower in the morning because metabolism slows when you sleep
Metabolism is? The rate at which the body utilizes energy
The instrument used to measure body heat is called? Thermometer
Types of thermometers include 1.Glass 2.Disposable 3.Electronic 4.Tympanic 5.Temporal
Body temperature can be obtained where? 1.Orally 2.Aurally 3.Rectally 4.Temporally 5.Axillary
Most temperature readings are recorded with what abbreviation: AX-Axillary R-Rectally A-Aural T-Temporal *No sign is used for oral*
Most temperatures are obtained on a thermometer with ? scale Fahrenheit (F)
A second scale is used to measure body called? Centigrade(C) or Celsius(c)
Fahrenheit --> Celsius conversion Take reading -32, multiply by 5, divide by 9
Celsius --> Fahrenheit conversion Take reading mulitply by 9, divide by 5, +32
The medical term for a fever is Pyrexia, Pyrexic, Febrile
The medical term for no fever Afebrile
Pyrexia occurs when? When the body temp exceeds 101.0 F
Hyperthermia occurs when? When the body temp exceeds 104.0 F
Temperatures above 106.0 F can cause? Convulsion and death
A fluctuation fever is called? Intermittent fever
A fluctuating fever that remains elevated is called? Remittent fever
A fever that is elevated and does NOT fluctuate is called? Continues fever
FUO ro PUO stands for? Fever of unknown origin / Pyrexia of unknown origin
Before obtaining a temperature (T) with a glass thermometer, remember to: Shake the liquid down below 96.0 F
To read the results of a glass thermometer you hold it: A eye level
You read the thermometer temp at? The point where the liquid end
Each long line on a glass thermometer is read as? One degree
Each short line on a glass thermometer is read as? 0.2 / two-tenths of a degree
Glass thermometers are to place in the sublingual pocket for how long? 3 minutes
After use, glass thermometerms are cleaned by? Soaking in a disinfectant such as 70% Isopropyl alcohol for a minimum of 30 minutes
Oral thermometers are usually colored? Green or blue
Rectal thermometers are colored? Red
Oral thermometers should be covered with? a sheath
When taking oral temperatures the MA should always? Wear exam gloves
Normal oral temperature range for 12+ 97.6 to 99.6 F
Oral temperatures are counter indicated when? 1.The patient is disorientated 2.Is a mouth breather 3.Receiving O2 4.Has mouth sores 5.Has had recent oral, facial, nasal or neck surgury 6 eaten, drank, smoked in past 30 minutes 7.Epilepsy 8.<6yrs 9.Has a NG tube
Rectal temperature is considered the most accurate because? It is reading Core temp
To obtain a rectal temp the patient should be in what position? Sims:Adult - on left side, left leg slight bent and right leg sharply bent, left arm is behind them
To obtain a rectal temp for a child the position is? Infant should be on their back or abdomen
For a rectal exam the sheath of the thermometer should be lubricated with? A water soluble lubricant (K-Y)
For an Adult the rectal thermometer should be inserted how far? 1 Inch
Foe an Infant the rectal thermometer should be inserted how far? 1/2 inch
A recatl temp obtained witha galss thermometer should be left in for? 3 minutes
Normal rectal temperature for +12 98.6 to 100.6
Rectal temperature is counter indicated when? If the patient has 1.hemorrhoids 2.Rectal surgery 3.diarrhea 4.Had cardiac pathology
A rectal thermometer can cause a vasovagal response causing? A decreased cardiac output
The part of an electronic thermometer that touches the patient is called? The probe (covered with a sheath)
Tympanic thermometers measure what? The infrared energy emitted from the tympanic membrane (eardrum)
Tympanic thermometers require a sheath called? A probe cover
How is an infant (<1yr) positioned for an tympanic temp? The infant should be positioned lying flat with their head turned for easy access to the ear
How is a small child positioned for a tympanic temp? The small child can be held on a parents lab with the head held for support against the parents chest
How is the tympanic thermometer positioned for an adult? For an adult - Pull the right ear pinna back and outward
How is the tympanic thermometer positioned for a child? For a child - Pull the right ear down and back *For infants pull the pinna straight back*
What ear is used for the tympanic temperature? The right ear
Tympanic temperatures are counter indicated when? 1.Otalgia (ear pain) 2.Otorrhea (Discharge)
Temporal thermometers measure? The temperature of the blood in the temporal artery
A temporal prob is placed where? On the center of the forehead and slowly passed straight toward the top of the ear keeping contact with the skin
A properly preformed temporal temperature is as accurate as? A rectal temperature
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