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ERP Week 1

Sterilization Chpt. 6

Sterilization means The destruction of all microorganism's in or on a object
Any supplies, objects, or instruments that will come in contact with an 'open wound' or 'tissue beneath the skin' must be Sterile
The best method of sterilization is with the use of an Autoclave
An autoclave achieves sterilization by Steam under pressure
To maintain sterility, sterile items may only be touched by Other sterile items
After use, contaminated instruments are taken to The dirty utility room
The contaminated instruments are rinsed and placed in a solution of Blood dissolving detergent
Any hinges, grooves, crevices and serrations should be Carefully scrubbed
Instruments are rinsed and dried to prevent Rusting
An MA should wear all PPE while Scrubbing or rinsing contaminated instruments
Sanitized and dried instruments are wrapped in Muslin (140 count) fabric or sterile pouches
Any item to be sterilized should include a Sterilization indicatior
Items that are used together in a particular procedure can be Wrapped together to form a sterile pack
What should be written on the pack once wrapped and ready for sterilization Write the contents, date and your name on the pack with a water proof pen
Items on a tray should not Touch one anouther
Items should not touch the Autoclave walls
Glass or metal containers should be placed On their side so no air will be trapped or upright
Sterilized items should be stored where Where they are protected from dust, insect, and other possible sources of contamination
Sterilized items should be stocked according to The date they where sterilied
Sterilized items wrapped in ,muslin fabric can be stored for how long? Stored for 30 days
Sterilized items wrapped in a tape sealed sterilization pouch can be stored for how long? Stored for 3 months
Sterilized items from a manufacture can be stored for how long? Stored 6 months
It is not necessary to use sterile forceps or sterile gloves when touching The outside wrapping of sterile items
Items necessary to create a 'suture tray' BEFORE sterilization include 1.A tray 2.Drapes (reusable/disposable) 3. 4X4 gauze pads 4.Medication cups (2) 5.Needle holder 6.Thumb forceps 7.Iris scissors
The laboratory fridge should be maintained at what temp? 36 and 48 degrees
The food fridge should be maintained at whet temp? 32 and 40 degrees
Every item entering the Autoclave should have what? A sterilization indicator
Created by: adrouillard