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sticks and shells The early island people of Oceania navigated by using what?
eleven hundred How many languages are spoken on Oceania?
farming and fishing Economies in the islands of Oceania are centered on what?
wik case Which case ruled that Aboriginal people could claim land already under lease by Europeans?
atomic bombs The Bikini Atoll chosen as a test site for what?
subsistence farming How would you describe farming on the islands on Oceania?
plantations The Europeans settled the islands of Oceania to build what?
assimilation The Australian government taking aboriginal children and forcing them to live with white families is an example of:
Christianity European missionaries traveled to Islands of Oceania to spread what?
economy What is a positive effect of tourism in Oceania?
mabo case Which case overturned Terra Nullius?
voyaging canoes What is the type of canoe with double hulls that was made for ocean sailing?
coconut oil and whales European traders came to the islands of Oceania for which two things?
outrigger What is the type of canoe with a single hull with an attached float made for sailing in lagoons?
overpopulation What happened to the rabbit population when the Europeans brought them to Australia?
farm mine or build what did the British believe you had to do in order to hold a claim on land?
lack of housing Because of the large number of immigrants, what is a problem of overpopulation?
Terra Nullius This was the term the British used to state that land could be taken without making treaties with Aboriginal leaders.
immune What happened to the rabbits when they were infected with a disease to control their population?
fought back What did the Aboriginal people do when the British settled on the most fertile lane?
water When industries over use trees and dig illegal wells, what don't some neighborhoods have access to?
English What is the most spoken language in Oceania?
eight hundred twenty three how many languages are spoken in Papua New Guinea?
Created by: Domingue
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