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Stack #158971

surgical tech chap 4

arterial blood gases ABGs to monitor bllod oxygen levels
autoimmune system a person that has a low immune system cannot fight off diseases
entercolitis inflammation if the small intestine and colon
golden hour getting to a trauma patient within the first hour to treat them.
hypothermia PH below normal. an abnormal increase in hydrogen ion concentration that results of accumulation of acid in the body.
kinematics when you dont know much about a trauma patient, you can tell by the force on the body. (action and effects)
pneumothorax when the plural cavity are recieving abnormal air
revised trauma score scoring the severity of the trauma to a patient
septic shock when a person is overcomed by pathogenic microorganisms and cant fight the infection, the is caused by septicemia
septicemia the invasion of pathogenic bacteria in the blood stream
splenectomy removal of the spleen
slpenomegaly enlargement of the spleen
torticollis a contracted state of muscle. if not regognized in time, surgery is needed
venous compression device compression boots to make movement of venus blood
at what age does vital signs of children reach adult norm? age 4
glasgow coma scale taking BP and temps of trauma patients and putting them on a scale
autoimmune dieseases attack own tissue. multiple sclerosis, lupus erythematosus, or rheumatoid arthritis
blunt trauma results from forces such as decleration, acceleration, compression, shearing, and breaks in the integrity of the skin are often not present. examples, vechile accident, fall, assault with fist.
penetrating trauma foriegn object passing through the tissue
complications after gastric surgery abdominal catastrophes, internel hernia, and acute gastric distention
appropriate urine output 1-2 ml/kg/hr
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