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Chapter 16 history


HistoryChapter 16
John Brown abolitionist; moved to Kansas to try to make itt a free state. Killed five proslavery settlers; tried to lead a slave revolt in 1859; sentenced to death; northerners thought of him as a martyr/hero; southerners thought of him as a villian
James Buchanen From Pennsylvania; served as a senator and Secretary of State; Fremont's main opponent in the 1856 electio; democrat; northern man with souther principles
Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin;showed the evils of slavery and the injustice of the Fugitive Slave Law; the book persuaded many people to become abolitionists
John C. Fremont Republican rep running for President in the 1856 election; had fought for California's independence; little political experience; opposed the spread of slavery and got 1/3 of the popular vote
Jefferson Davis First and only president of the Confederate States of America(new nation formed by the seceded states)
Franklin Pierce democrat elected in 1852; supported the Kansas-Nebraska Act; helped push the law through Congress
Abraham Lincoln Republican Rep running for 1860 election(won the election)from Illinois; challenged S. Douglas for his seat in Senate; thought slavery was wrong but didn't think blacks and whites were equal; didn't want to end slavery just wanted to stop its spreading
Henry Clay "Great Compromiser" created the Missouri Compromise and the Compromise of 1850; wanted north and south to reach an agreement'
Stephen Douglas senator from Illinois; helped Clay with the Compromise of 1850; challenged by Lincoln; wanted slavery to be settled by popular sovereigntyu; dislkied slavery
Missouri Compromise kept the number of free and slave states equal; drew an imaginary line across the southern border of Missouri; slavery was not permitted north of the line; Missouri slave and Maine free
Wilmot Proviso law to ban slavery in any lands won from Mexico; opposesd by southerners bc they thought Congress had no right to ban slavery in the western territories.
Compromise of 1850 1)California enters as a free state 2) divided the Mexican Cession into territories of New Mexico and Utah & they would decide by popular sovereignty 3)ended slave trade in D.C. 4)strict fugitive slave law 5)settled border between Texas and New Mexico
Fugitive Slave Law of 1850 hard to ignore; required all citizens to help catch runaway slaves; people who let slaves escape could be fined 1,000 and jailed for 6 months
Free Soil Party Antislavery members of Democrats and Whig parties; Keep slavery out of western territories; made Martin Van Buren their Candidate
Dred Scott vs. Sanford former slave going to the courts to file for freedom bc his owner died and he had been in free territory; declined bc he was just "property" pissed of northerners and made southerners happy bc it made congress repeal the Missouri Compromise
Kansas-Nebraska Act Kansas and Nebraska territories would decide the issue of slavery by popular sovereignty; pissed off some north settlers bc it would repeal the missouri compromise
raid on Harpers Ferry John Brown led people to raid a federal arsenal then tried to give slaves the weapons to leave a revolt; praised by northerners, feared by southerners, sped up the tension leading up to the civil war
Uncle Tom's Cabin written by Harriet Beecher Stowe; showed the evils of slavery; changed many people to abolitionists; southerners claimed that it made slavery seem more gruesome than it actually was
Republican Party Free soilers, northern democrats, and whigs; grew quickly; KEEP SLAVERY OUT OF WESTERN TERRITORIES; most just wanted to stop the spread
Missouri Compromise Line line through the US; north of it had to be free states & south of it had/could be slave states
civil war war between people of the same country
fugitive runaway(slave)
popular sovereignty control by the people
sectionalism loyalty to a state or section, rather than to the country as whole
secede remove themselves
abolitionist a person who favors the abolition of a practice or institution, especially capital punishment or (formerly) slavery
arsenal gun warehouse
Missouri Compromise Provisions Missouri admitted as a SLAVE state Maine admitted as a FREE state slavery banned in the Louisiana Purchase territory North of the southern border of Missouri(except Missouri)
to stop slavery spreading in the western territories What was the goal of the Free Soil Party?
made northerners feel like they were part of the slave system(had to return any runaway slaves) Why was the Fugitive Slave Law of 1850 so hated by northerners?(What did the law require all citizens to do?
It made many people abolitionist made southerners furious bc it showed slavery worse than it actually was(so they say) 5,000 copies were sold out in two days 300,000 copies in the first year south banned the book Why was the book Uncle Tom's Cabin such an important book?
facts about Uncle Tom's Cabin bought by Simon Legree, cruel planter refuses to obey Legree's order to whip another slave Legree whips him to death
bought by Simon Legree, cruel planter refuses to obey Legree's order to whip another slave Legree whips him to death facts about Uncle Tom's Cabin
bleeding Kansas(people, north and south, came to Kansas to influence the vote on pro or antislavery.) both sides started fighting guerilla warfare like. >200 people were killed What was the unfortunate result of the Kansas-Nebraska Act?
Dred had lived with his owner in a no slave territory; moved to a slave state; owner died; filed a lawsuit and said he had lived in a free territory and should be free; told he was property and couldn't file; Supreme Court repealed Missouri Compromise What were the key points of the Dred Scott decision?
it had made the Court's ruling mean that the Missourie Compromise was unconstitutional therefore repealing it and letting slavery in the west Why were northerners so angry about the Dred Scott Case?
give weapons to slaves and start a slave revolt and go through the south and free all slaves What was John Brown planning to do once he got guns and ammunition from the Harpers Ferry arsenal?
The Democrat party had just split, so that split a lot of the votes; he had most of the electoral vote and popular vote For what reasons did Lincoln win the election of 1860?
felt they no longer had a voice in govt; thought Lincoln was an abolitionist; decided they had to leave the union After Lincoln was elected what did many southerners feel would happen? What did they think they had to do as a result?
Allow slavery in every territory return escaped slaves to their owners What were slave holders views on slavery?
Extend Missouri Compromise line to the Pacific Allow voters in each territory to decide on slavery What were moderates views on slavery?
Slavery is morally wrong ban slavery throughout the entire country What were abolitionist views on slavery?
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