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Social studies

physical geography study of natural features on the earths surface
human envirioment reaction- how people change or depend on their enviroment
culture way of life of a group of people
economics a system of producing and contributing wealth
natural resources resources from the earth
capital resources human made resources
developed countries countries that are industrialized and have high standerds of living
deloping countries countries that are not industrialized and have low standerds of living
monarchy a system in which one person has all the power
demographics a statistic of human population
agriculture the raising of crops for human use
industrialsation the process of changing an economy to be more industialized
culture diffusion the process of spreading differnt ideas to other cultures
deforestation the process of clearing trees
non-renewable a natural resource that we caanot replinish
irrigation watering dry lands for farming
desertifcation process in which land changes to desert
apartheid racial segration against blacks in south africa
religion systm of belifs based on a spirtual leader
Boycott the act of refusing to buy or deal with something you dont like
nomadic people who have no permenant homes
comercial farming the production of crops and farm animals for sale.
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