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Extra Credit

Why did Stalin Initiate Five Year Plans in the soviet union? Stalin believed (with Lenin) that the USSR should ‘overtake and outstrip the capitalist countries’. He believed in ‘Socialism in one country’ – the USSR would become strong enough to survive, then would take over the rest of the world.
What is the Sudentland? The northwest, southwest, and western parts of czechoslovakia.
what was Prime Minister Chamberlains Policy of appeasement?
Why did Britain and France declare war on Germany?
What is th e"Mukden Incident?
In 1940, Japan was forced to decide what it needed most. What was it?
Why was the evacuation of Dunrik so important to the allies?
Define Blitzkrieg.
After signing a treaty with stalin, why did hitler decide to invade the soviet union?
What was the outcome of the battle at stalingrad?
What was the significance of the battle of Midway Island?
Who was Heimrich Himler?
Define the term Einsatzgruppen.
What ethnic groups were victims of the holocaust?
What was a major outcome of the tehran conference?
What did allies insist at the Yalta Conference?
What was the goal of President Truman at the Postdam Conference?
Why did President Truman decide to use the Atomic Bomb?
What was the goal of the Marshall Plan? Warsaw Pact?
How could you define the Cold War?
When did Mao Zedong come to power to China?
What was the objective of the Truman Doctrine?
In 1965, the Egyptian leader Nasser precipitated an international crisis by doing what?
What were some of the consequences of the Six day War?
What is pan-Africanism?
Created by: xavier77753