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Safety and Compliance Consideration

What is OSHA? Occupational Safety and Health Administration
What does OSHA regulate? OSHA strictly regulates exposure to Biologic Hazards.
What does the Bloodborne Pathogens Standard cover? it covers all employees who may come in contact with blood and other infectious materials during their regular jobs
What is an MSDS? Material Safety Data Sheet-informs of a chemical, protective measures to be taken, name, trade name, synonyms, address and emergency telephone number.
Exposure Control Plan an OSHA-compliant plan that must be maintained by EMPLOYERS. It documents destruction or removal of biohazardous waste.
What is the most commonly laboratory - acquired infection Hepatitis B
What Organizations provide guidelines for BIOLOGICALLY safe working environments? -OSHA, accrediting agencies, the CDC and state regulatory agencies.
What it NIOSH ? The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
What does the NIOSH regulate? Workplace safety that primarily includes SHARPS containers.
What is the role of the Joint Commission regarding Operational Standards? it focuses on continual improvement of patient safety and quality of care.
What is the role of CLSI? The Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute provides voluntary consensus standards and guidelines for clinical laboratory professionals seeking to meet accreditation requirements.
What does the CLSI guide? better quality, highly effective service, assessment/improvement of QC, improving patient care, reducing risks, and implementing time-saving methods and cost cutting measures.
What is HIPAA? Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
What are HIPAA's goals? Improve portability and continuity of health coverage, reduce abuse, fraud and waste in health care and insurance, promote the use of medical savings accounts and simplifying health insurance administration.
Who provide OPERATIONAL standards CLSI and Joint Comission
Who investigates disease outbreadks the CDC
Who develops quality assurance practices CLIAC
What agency sets the standards for laboratories? CLIA
When can you place a patient in recovery position if he is breathing and you DO NOT suspect spinal injury
What is Protected Health Information? PHI Patient information that falls under the regulations of HIPAA. Information, oral or recorded that is created or received by a health care provider.
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