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Vocabulary List # 1

Global History Vocabulary Words for Regent

Code of Hammurabi 1st know set of laws
Animism (Animals) belief in spirits in nature
Reincarnation the rebirth of the soul
Cuneiform wedge-shaped writing developed by the Sumerians
Polytheism belief in many gods
Cultural Diffusion the exchange of ideas, goods, customs and technology among cultures
Mandate of Heaven the right to rule according to Chinese tradition
Republic a form of government in which citizens elect representatives
Nomads a person who moves from place to place with no permanent home
Twelve Tables Roman Code of Law
Feudalism the political, social and economic system that existed during the Middle Ages
Hellenistic Culture blending of Persian, Greek and Egyptian cultures during the age of Alexander the Great
Pax Romana the golden age of Rome
Created by: daniashbarbery