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Ancient Greece Revie

Priests or priestesses who gave advice to kings Oracles
Comedies and tragedies fall under this category Greek Dramas
An army of 10,000 men established because the Persians believe their king ought to be protected the Immortals
Hoplites marched in this....a tight unified formation Phalanx
A long poem that tells a story Epic
Enslaved people in ancient Sparta Helots
A heavily armed soldier who purchased his own equipment Hoplites
A form of government in which all citizens can participate firsthand in the decision making process Democracy
Type of government ruled by a small group Oligarchy
This was a time when there were many great thinkers and inventers Hellenistic Era
A leader of Athens who wiped away debt and allowed male citizens to participate in government Solon
A philosopher who could help you find the reason why you do well in school Socrates
This person, along with Solon, Peisistratus and Cleisthenes, were remembered for aiding in the development of democracy Pericles
King of Sparta - supplied the most soldiers Leonidas
King of Athens who directed the Greek naval forces and devised a battle plan to fight Persia Themistocles
A student of Socrates. Founded a school in Athens called the Academy Plato
Wrote more than 200 works on topics such as government, astronomy and political science Aristotle
Was a great general who ruled over a huge empire and helped spread Greek culture to non Greek people that he conquered Alexander
Name two major contributions from ancient Greece that we still use today Architecture, Democracy, Science/Medicine, Dramas (comedies and tragedies)
Name the three Ages in the order they occurred Dark Age, Golden Age, Hellenistic Age
Athens economy was based on _____. trade
Spartas economy was based on _____. agriculture
Name two reasons why the Peloponnesian Wars between Athens and Sparta ended? Plague in Athens,Spartan blockade caused massive starvation, Alliance between Sparta and Persia allowed Sparta to build its navy
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