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Medieval Europe

A group of people from Scandinavia known as Northsmen Vikings
Used longboats to help raid villages on the water Vikings
Body of water that separated Britain and Ireland from the rest of Europe English Channel
Great survey book of land and taxes created by William the Conqueror. Domesday Book
King John I was forced to sign this document that limited the king's power Magna Carta
King of the Franks that became Catholic King Clovis
A disease that started in a trading route that killed 50 million people Black Death
Hatred of Jews Anti-Semitism
Moral system started by knights to protect those who are weak and to be brave. Code of Chivalry
Political system based on lords and peasants Feudalism
Everyday language used in a country Venacular
Pope Urban II asked for Christian fighters to fight the Turks 1st Crusade
Muslims defeat the Christians 2nd Crusade
Richard the Lion Heart captures Jerusalem 3rd Crusade
Muslims win war and Constantinople becomes a Muslim city. 4th Crusade
United the Anglo-Saxons and his kingdom became England Alfred the Great
Charles the Great who became Emperor of Rome Charlemagne
King of England who set up the system of grand jury King Henry II
Jury that decided whether you should go to trial Grand Jury
Jury that decided your guilt or innocence Trial Jury
Ruler of Normandy and descendant of the Vikings William the Conqueror
Battle that William the Conqueror won to become king of England Battle of Hastings
First Czar of Russia Ivan III
French peasant girl who led the French to a victory in the Hundred Years War Joan of Arc
How was Joan of Arc killed? Burnt at the stake
To declare that a person or group no longer belong to the church Excommunication
Belief that differs from of contradicts the accepted teachings of a religion Heresy
The study of religion Theology
An agreement between the Pope and the ruler of a country, that allowed the pope to choose bishops Concordat of Worms
France's first parliament Estates General
Court of the church who charged people with heresy Inquisition
War between France and England over the rightful ruler and the wool trade Hundred Years War