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Marthell Chin Dynas

Chinese Dynasties

What Chinese dynasty is considered a legendary dynasty? Xia
What is agriculture? Farming
What is sericulture? raw silk worm production and silkworm raising
List the Chinese dynasties in order--from 1st to last. Xia, Shang, Zhou, Qin, Han, Sui, Tang, Sung, Yuan, Ming, Qing
In the Shang dynasty, what was made of bronze? weapons, religious vessels
From what metal is bronze made? tin and copper
In the Shang dynasty, how were fortunes told? oracle bones
In what dynasty did horse drawn chariots first appear? Shang dynasty
In what dynasty did an advanced writing system first appear? Shang dynasty
What is the belief that those family members who came before us can help us with the gods and our fortunes, losses and life? ancestor worship
In what dynasty did ancestor worship first develop? Shang dynasty
In what dynasty was chopsticks first used? Shang dnasty
What eating utensil did chopsticks replace for the Chinese? fork
In what dynasty did irrigation begin in China? Zhou
In what dynasty did the Chinese enter the iron age? Zhou dynasty
In what dynasty did multiplication tables first appear? Zhou dynasty
Lacquerware first appeared in what dynasty? Zhou dynasty
What was the Mandate of Heaven? If a dynasty loses the support of the gods, then they will be replaced by a family which has the gods favor
What was the main teaching of Confucius? If one works hard and received the BEST known education, then one should and will advance
What was the main teaching of Lao Tzu? Go with the flow; make no changes or it will mess up the order of the universe
What is the name of Lao Tzu's religion? Taoism or Daoism
In what Chinese dynasty was books burned? Qin
What is the meaning of interred? buried
What happened to Confucian scholars during the Qin dynasty? buried (interred) alive
In what dynasty was the Great Wall begun? Qin
What is the world's longest cemetery? Great Wall
How long is the Great Wall? It is as long as the United States is wide
What is the prime building material of the Great Wall? Dirt
Why is a standardizes axle width important? It helps determine how wide a road must be
What was the purpose of the Terra Cotta soldiers? Protect the tomb of the emporar
Even today the Chinese call themselves as the? "sons of Han"
Name thee achievements of the Han dynasty. Silk Road, wheelbarrow. sundial, acupuncture
What was the pathway which connected trade routes between Europe and Asia? Silk Road
What does a seismograph measure? strength of earthquakes
What is acupuncture Using needles to control pain and disease; ancient form of Chinese medicine
What is meant by anarchy? No goveernment
Where and when was the world's first hospital established? Shanxi province, 519
In what dynasty was the Grand Canal built? Sui dynasty
What is the purpose of civil service examinations? Using a test make sure the best person receives a government job
In what dynasty was civil service examinations begun? Sui
According to historians, what was the greatest of Chinese dynasties? Tang
What is the world's oldest book with a printed date? Diamond Sudra
Who were the best known poets of the Tang dynasty? Tu Fu and Li Po
What is the practice of making women's feet very, very tiny? Foot binding
In what dynasty did foot binding begin? Tang
What are the tiny feet in footbinding called? Golden Lilies
'In what dynasty were enamel and porcelain used as an art form? Sung
In what dynasty did the Mongols start their march southward from Nomgolia? Sung
What are the two foreign dynasties of China? Yuan (Mongol) and Qing (Manchus)
What Mongol leader subdued all of China? Kublai Khan
What famous Italian visited with Kublai Khan? Marco Polo
What are 7 facts about Genghis Khan. CHECK QUESTION SHEET
What are five facts about the Great Wall of China? CHECK Question sheet
List five facts about Marco Polo? Check film notes
In what dynasty was blue and white porcelain well known? Ming dynasty
During the Ming dynasty, what European traders were first allowed to enter and trade with China? Portuguese
From where did the Mongols come? Mongols
From where did the Manchus come? Manchuria
What is a queue? Long braid; sign of submission to local gods
Created by: marthell