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Red Module

Clinical Secretary Reverse Defs

subdural hematoma a blood clot under the dura mater, the fibrous membrane forming the outer envelope of the brain and spinal cord, usually resulting from trauma to the head
electronic health record a computer-based client-care document containing the same information as a Kardex. This is an electronic version of a traditional Kardex.
stethoscope a device taht amplifies sound, used by doctors and other healthcare professionals to listen to the heart and to take blood pressure.
otoscope a device to examine ears
opthalmoscope a device to examine eyes.
sphygmomanometer a device used to take blood pressure
admitting diagnosis a diagnosis subject to change after an actual dagnosis has been established.
prophylatic a measure taken to prevent a problem from happening.
loading dose a medication ordered as a single-order stat medication with a dose taht is higher than the usual or routine dose.
Pchart a paper chart
credentially a process whereby a peer group judges an individual's qualification sto perfom certain services.
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