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U1 The Mystery 2B

Biomedical Science The application of the principles of the natural sciences, especially biology and physiology, to clinical medicine.
Control Group The group in an experiment where the independent variable being tested is not applied so that it may serve as a standard for comparison against the experimental group where the independent variable is applied.
Dependent Variable The measurable effect, outcome, or response in which the research is interested.
Experiment A research study conducted to determine the effect that one variable has upon another variable.
Forensic Science The application of scientific knowledge to questions of civil and criminal law.
Hypothesis Clear prediction of the anticipated results of an experiment.
Independent Variable The variable that is varied or manipulated by the researcher.
Negative Control Control group where conditions produce a negative outcome. Negative control groups help identify outside influences which may be present that were not accounted for when the procedure was created.
Personal Protective Equipment Specialized clothing or equipment, worn by an employee for protection against infectious materials (as defined by OSHA).
Positive Control Group expected to have a positive result, allowing the researcher to show that the experimental set up was capable of producing results.
Created by: AnyafoAndrew