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Final Exam Pullin

Final Exam Study Stack

The importance of water - Necessary to grow crops - Necessary to drink in order to live - Supplies food and supplies such as fish and reeds
Judaism - Religious Text = The Tanakh - Founder = Abraham
Hinduism - Religious Text = The Upanishads - Founder = No Single Founder
Buddhism - Religious Text = The Middle Way (8 Fold Path) - Founder = Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha)
Christianity - Religious Text = The Bible - Founder = Jesus Christ
Islam - Religious Text = The Quran - Founder- Muhammad
India's Geography - Mountains (Hindu Kush, Himalayas) - Rivers (Indus and Ganges) - The Bay of Bengal - The Indian Ocean - The Arabian Sea
Monsoons Strong winds that carry water across the plains. Necessary for crops to grow and the people to live.
Dragons The ancient Chinese compared their water systems to dragons. Head- delta, Body- main river, and Limbs- small streams
The Great Pyramis Located- Giza, Egypt Importance- Largest pyramid still standing; built for Khufu
The Trojan War Fought between Greece and Troy
Consuls Two elected Roman officials; Similar to the US president.
Dictator Elected in case two consuls could not agree in the case of an emergency.
Roman Family Support Given to the wealthy so they would stay in Rome and increase their families
The Greeks influenced The Romans
Epistle Letter written by Paul; found in the New Testament of the Christian Bible
Growth of Towns Towns grew during the Middle Ages as a result of trade being revived
Effects of the Crusades - Money was more common - New ideas - New inventions - Old trade routes re-opened
Martin Luther German monk who was one of the reformers
Martin Luther's issue with the Church The buying and selling of indulgences
The Key to Salvation according to Luther Faith, not works
Prince Henry of Portugal - Cueta - Started bringing African slaves back to Europe and Brazil
Deshima The Dutch based their trade with Japan here
Brazil Claimed by Pedro Cabral for Portugal
Import To bring into a country
Export To send out of a country
Conquistador Spanish conquerors
The Three Gs Gold, Glory, God
Magellan Completed the first circumnavigation
Amerigo Vespucci Map Maker; claimed to have reached South America
Cortez Helped to wipe out the Aztecs
The Middle Passage Journey of enslaved Africans across the Atlantic Ocean from Africa to the New World
Created by: loganpullin