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China-India Test

Combined China and India Test

On which continent is China located? Asia
How were Inner China and Outer China different? Inner China had rivers and plains created farmland that attracted more settlers; Outer China was a harsher region with deserts and mountains
Describe what the philosophy of Legalism was like. Strict laws, harsh punishments to keep people's behavior in line
Describe what the philosophy of Daoism was like. Do not try to control others, just worry about your own behavior. Live simply and in harmony with nature.
Describe what the philosophy of Confucianism was like. It is important to do your duty and respect your elders. In return, your elders should set a good example for you.
What was the original goal of Zhang Qian, the "Father of the Silk Road"? To try to find allies for China to fight their enemies
What made silk so valuable as a trade good for China? For a long time, only China knew the secret for how to make silk.
What were some important inventions/legacies from China? paper, compass, seismograph, iron plow, acupuncture, kite, etc.
What mountain range separates India from the rest of Asia? Himalayas
What was good AND bad about India being cut off from the rest of Asia by the mountains? Good: protection from invasions; Bad: made trade and travel and sharing of ideas difficult
To which continent does India belong? Asia
What is the caste system? India's strict system of social classes
How are the caste system and the belief in karma connected? People believe that their current caste is the result of the good or bad karma they earned in their previous life
How did Chandragupta Maurya keep control of his large Mauryan Empire? with a strong army and a spy system
What caused Chandragupta's grandson, Ashoka, to give up war and become a Buddhist? seeing one particularly bloody fight
The Gupta Empire was India's "Golden Age." What does this mean? It was a time of peace, stability, prosperity, and many achievements.
How are Hinduism and Buddhism similar? Both started in India, involve meditation, believe in a cycle of reincarnation (life, death, rebirth), believe in karma, follow certain rules/guidelines for living a good life
What were some dangers people encountered along the Silk Road? bandit attacks, sandstorms, mirages, lack of oxygen and narrow trails in the mountains, dangerous animals (tigers, lions, scorpions) in the deserts
How did people in the China's Shang Dynasty seek advice from their ancestors? by carving questions onto bones, heating the bones, and interpreting the resulting cracks
Created by: lisalunn