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medical assisting abbreviations

ac before meals
ad lib as desired
bid two times a day
mcg micrograms
mL milliliters
PO by mouth
PC after meals
PRN as needed
qid four times a day
tid three times a day
ca calcium
fe iron
h20 water
k potassium
Na sodium
ns normal saline
nka no known allergies
npo nothing by mouth
ff force fluid
ht hight
wt weight
gtt drops
od right eye
ou both eyes
os left eye
ad right ear
au both ears
as left ear
WNL within normal limits
bs blood sugar
fbs fasting blood sugar
cbc complete blood count
ekg electrocardiogram
FHT fetal heart tones
I&O intake & output
I&D incision and drainage
Dx diagnosis
kub xray of kidney,ureter and bladder
LP Lumbar puncture
PE Physical exam
CAD coronary artery disease
CHF Congestive heart failure
DM Diabetes mellitus
IBS Irritable bowel syndrome
IDDM Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus
MI Myocardial infraction
MS multiple sclerosis
PID pelvic inflammatory disease
RA Rheumatoid arthritis
SOB short of breath
URI upper respiratory infection
UTI urinary tract infection
LMP last menstrual period
Bx biopsy
Dx diagnosis
bp blood pressure
cc chief complaint
c/o complains of
H&P History and Physical
hr heart rate
Hx history
NKDA no known drug allergies
p pulse
R/O rule out
ICU intensive care unit
MRI magnetic resonance imaging
Rx prescription
AMA against medical advice
amb ambulatory
BRP bathroom privileges
CBR complete bed rest
DNR do not resuscitate
KVO keep vain open
oob out of bed
TKO to keep open