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MDA 106 Terminology

Sequence 3 Week 1

Anaphylaxis Severe Allergic Reaction
Status Asthmaticus Severe asthma attack that does not respond to medication
Contraindication Why a drug or therapy should not be used
Antagonism Works against each other
Compounding Combining two or more substances in definite proportions
Precipitate Substances in particles that separate in time
Stridor Crowing sound heard on inspiration, the result of an upper airway obstruction
Pharmacology Study of drugs. The science concerned with the history, origin, sources, physical and chemical properties, and use of drugs and their effects on living organisms
Parenteral Any other method besides oral
Hypoxemia lack of oxygen in the blood
Sublingual Under the tongue
Urticaria Hives
Pruritus Itchiness
Buccal Between the cheeks and gums
Synergism Total effect is greater than the individual
gtt drop
elix elixir
Rx prescription
syr syrup
PDR Physicians Desk Reference
NaCl Sodium Chloride
ss one half
NIDDM Noninsulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus
Sig Signature
supp suppository
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