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BBC pharm

ch 45: sex hormones

what are the estrogens diethylstilbestrol ethinyl estradiol, estrone, and mestranol. there is a large first pass for all of these drugs, but less so for the synthetic compounds. of any taken by mouth, only a small portion is bioavailable.
indications for estrogen use? contraception, hormone replacement therapy, replacement therapy in deficienct individuals.
two most common side effects of estrogens? nausea and vomitting.
which estrogen is no longer in use?why? DES, because it greatly increases the risk of clear cell cervical or vaginal carcinoma in the daughters of women who tok it.
administration of unopposed estrogen (given without progesterone) increases risk of what? endometrial hyperplasia with risk of continued progression to endometrial carcinoma
MOA of progesterone? works to maintain the endometrium, inhibiting gonadotropin release. normally produced in response to LH
list the progesterones hydroxyprogesterone, norethindrone, norgestrol.
major clinical use of progesterone? contraception, may also be used for endometriosis.
how does side effects of progesterone occur? weight gain occurs with both edema and fat accumulation, depression are th emost ocmmon side effects. hirstuism may occur, as well. LDL:HDL increases, and the risk for acne significantly increases.
what is the component of the mini pill. specifically, it is low dose norethidrone or norgestrel. it is taken each day to preven tpregnancy. cause regular bleeding progesterone
progesterone can also be used in cases of... endometrial carcinoma (where you want no estrogenic stimulation), to treat dysmenorrhea, and to control dysfunctional uterine bleeding. it also may be used after conception to prevent further fetal loss in women who have had multiple miscarriages
these are the standard oral contraceptives. they are typically comprised of ethinyl estradiol (an estrogen) and progestin. usef or 21 days, with seven day hiatus of no pills to induce menses. work to suppres follicular development and ovulation combination pills
this hormone makes the cervical mucus impenetrable to sperm. these may also be used for HRT progesterone
include ethinyl estradiol-levonogestrel combinations, provide contraceptionand decrease menstrual cyucles from once per month to once every three months extended cycle oral contraceptives.
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