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BBC pharm

Ch 42: anti muscarinic drugs

MOA of anti muscarinic drugs? block muscarinic recpetors, which are types of cholinergic receptors of the PNS, also block the effects of stimulated cholinergic sympathetic nervous sytem neurons to sweat glands. prevent Ach binding.
do anti muscarinics block nicotinic receptors? no! so they have little or not action at skeletal muscle juncitons or at autonimic glanglia
belladonna alkaloid. owrks centrally and peripherally on muscarinic receptors. has many uses, including reversal of bradycardia and reduction of hyperactive bladder. when used to incur mydriasis, also makes the eye incapable of focusing on near vision atropine
ADR of atropine? urinary retention, dry mouth, blurred vision, sandy eyes, tachycardia, constipatoin, and glaucoma attack
is also a belladonna alkaloid. has greater CNS effect than peripheral effect. its duration is also greater than with atropine. when use,d it does not block short term memory. most effective with treatment of motion sickness. scapolamine
ADRS of scapolamine? at low dose: sedation. high dose: excitement. also has all of the other side effects of atropine.
Created by: aferdo01