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BBC Pharm

Ch 40: Cholinesterase inhibitors

these drugs inhibit the enzyme that degrades Ach, allowing it to have prolonged action. because of this, they allow for increased parasympathetic stimulation and skeletal muscle stimulation in patients taking these drugs acetylcholinesterase inhibitors
duration of physostigmine and neostigmine? 2-4 hours.
physostigmine and neostigmine are both used in the treatment of what? myasthenia gravis. they both also cause increased GI and bladder motility
physostigmine is also used for what? treatment of overdose with tricyclic antidepressants and atropine.
neostigmine has an ADR of what? why? because of its increased action on skeletal muscle, has an ADR of spastic paralysis
this has a duration of action of 10-20 mins. it has the same action as neostigmine but with much shorter onset and duration. used to diagnose MG. edophonium
how does edophonium work when used to diagnose MG? people with MG will experience quick but temporary relief of their symptoms if given edophonium. AR includes cholinergic crisis (marked by hyperstimulation of the parasympathetic system).
antidote choinergic crisis? atropine
use din treatment of closed angle glaucoma due ot their strong miotic effect. otherwise, their use is confined to the use as insecticides and nerve gas! organophosphates
antidote for organiphosphate poisoning? atropine, 2-PAM
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