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Tanach Test Studying

What is HaShem's mission for Moshe? To free the Jewish people from being slaves in Egypt
Why does HaShem ask Moshe to take off his shoes (at the burning bush)? Because the place they are standing on is Holy Ground and Moshe needs to respect it
Why does HaShem decide to give the Israelities freedom? When they cried out to him, it indicated hat they wished to recommit t o the Brit.
What was Moshe's first objection? "Who am I that I should go to Pharoah and free the Israelites?"
What were the 3 "otiyot" (signs) that HaShem showed Moshe? turned staff into snake, put leprosy on Moshe's arm (as punishment for speaking badly of Israelites) and turned water from Nile to blood
Why did HaShem show Moshe the signs? To give proof that HaShem appeared to Moshe (if Israelites didn't believe)
What was Moshe's second objection? His speech impediment
How did Moshe get his speech impediment? Moshe was baby Pharoah wanted to see ifMoshe attracted to gold(was threat to his power)he placed dish of coals dish of gold in front of him he reached for gold angel moved hand to coals he touched coals hurt his hand put his hand in his mouth burned mouth
What is HaShem's reaction to the second objection? Losing His patience w/ Moshe + gets angry
What was Moshe's third objection? Ran out of excuses and says "Please choose someone else as your agent"
What was HaShem's reaction to the third objection? Nostrils burned (metaphor for anger, anthropomorphism) + was furious; told Moshe that Aharon would be his messenger and help him speak to Pharaoh
Why did HaShem try to kill Moshe? Was angry that he didn't give his son a Brit HaMilah
Why did Tziporah circumcise her son? So HaShem wouldn't kill Moshe
Moshe is Elohim to Aaron. What does this mean? HaShem will command Moshe what to do and say and then Moshe will command Aaron what to do and say (as if he was his "god")
What was Pharoah's first response at Moshe's request to let the Israelites leave Egypt? Refuses to obey bc he has never heard of HaShem and doesn't believe in Him, therefore is not afraid of Him
What were Shotrim? Officers appointed by Egyptians to be taskmasters of the Jewish people (they were Jews). These Jews did not do their job properly bc they were kind to the Jews therefore the Jews' workload was doubled bc they were forced to gather their own materials
Why were Shotrim similar to Kapos of Holocaust? Jews forced to turn against own people
Why were Shotrim different from Kapos of Holocaust? Shotrim didn't oppress Jews like they were supposed to, Kapos did; consequences of not becoming Shoter was much less severe than consequences of not becoming Kapo
How were the Shotrim rewarded for disobeying Pharoah and accepting his beatings? Were made Cohenim on Jewish court
How do we know that Pharoah was a human (not a god)? Moshe + Aaron went to see Pharoah relieve himself in river bc gods cannot relieve themselves (therefore Pharoah cannot be a god)
Why does Pharoah relieve himself in the Nile River every morning? Bc he doesn't want people to know that he relieves himself (that he isn't truly a god)
Was Pharoah guilty for his hardened heart? No bc he did not obey HaShem so his heart was already hardened + he wouldn't have allowed the Israelites to leave Egypt anyways
What is the purpose of the Israelites' freedom? So they can be a holy nation + kingdom of priests + recieve the Brit and obey HaShem
When did the Israelites reach Mt. Sinai? 3 months after leaving Egypt
Created by: lovinglifexoxo



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