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Chapter 17

About 300 A.D, groups of Germans left _________________ ______________ and settled in the Roman Empire. Southern Europe
The Germans lived in villages surrounded by _________________ and pastures. farmlands
German men spent most of their time fighting, ____________, or making weapons. hunting
Women did most of the ____________ ______________. farm work
German warriors were organized into bands headed by _______________, who provided the warriors with food and shelter. Chieftains
The warrior gave complete _______________ to the chieftains. loyalty
The Germans' love battle was closely linked to their ______________. religion
It was believed that brave warriors who died in battle were carried by goddesses to a place called ______________. Valhalla
Germans believed that law came from the ________________ and not from a ruler. people
Germans determined guilt or innocence through _____________. ordeal
German courts often imposed _____________ rather than physical punishment or other types of punishment. fines
The ____________ ___________ defeated the Romans at the battle of Adrianople in 378 A.D. West Goths
In 410 A.D., they captured Rome and later moved into _____________, where they set up their own kingdom. Spain
The _________________, another German group settled in North Africa and raided cities and settlements along the coast of the Mediterranean. Vandals
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