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Global India Unit

Which religion believes in many gods and is focused on priests and formal rituals? Hinduism
What is the idea called that believes that people are born into social groups that rarely can change? Caste System
What is the doctrine of nonviolence and reverence for all life? Ahimsa
What is the Hindu religious and moral duties of an individual called? Dharma
What is the Hindu end of reincarnation called? Moksha
Which religion urges each person to seek enlightenment through meditation? Buddhism
What is the Buddhist final goal? Nirvana
What is the union with the universe and the release from the cycle of rebirth called in the Buddhist religion? Nirvana
What is the Buddhist lists of "rights" called? Eightfold Path
The _____________________ includes: Right views, right aspirations, right speech, right conduct, right livelihood, right mindfulness, right contemplation. Eightfold Path
Name the parts of the Eightfold Path. Right Views rRght Aspirations Right Speech Right Conduct Right Livelihood Right Mindfulness Right Contemplation
Who was influential in the Hindu religion? Gandhi
Who founded the Buddhist religion? Siddhartha Gautama
After Siddhartha sat under a tree and meditated to the meaning of life, he was then called what? Buddah
Buddah means ________________? Enlightened One
This prince took a walk outside the palace and got his first glimpse of human suffering when he was 29. This caused him to never return to the palace again and have a deep desire to end suffering. Siddhartha Gautama
These were thought to be the twin capitals of ancient Indus. Harappa & Mohenjo-Daro
This was the largest area of land inhabited by any civilization until the rise of Persia. Indus Valley
It is unexplainable why the civilization disappeared from this area. Indus Valley
Two possible reasons to explain the disappearance of the Indus Valley civilization was what? Major Flood and Earthquake.
These were Indian soldiers who were required to serve either in India or anywhere overseas. Sepoy
A person who governed India in the name of the British queen. Viceroy
The refusal to obey unjust laws. Civil Disobedience
Who was India's first Prime Minister? Nehru
Who was the adventurer who formed the first Indian empire? Chadragupta Maurya
This person was the grandson of Chadragupta. Asoka
This was the most honored Maurya emperor. Asoka
This Maurya emperor rejected violence and converted to Buddhism after a very brutal battle. Asoka
Who was the wife of King Jahangir in the Mughal Empire who held the most important role of a woman in political affairs? Nur Jahan
This empire was larger, richer, and more powerful than any other kingdom in Europe at the time. Mughal Empire
Women played an important part in the political scene in this empire. Mughal Empire
Who founded the Mughal Empire? Babur
Mughal is Persian for __________________? Mongol
Babur set up the Mughal capital at what city? Kabul
During the Mughal Empire, the territories in India were consolidated with the use of ________________________? Artillery
This empire rose up 500 years after the Mauryas. Guptas Empire
The Guptas Empire promoted ______________ and _______________? Peace and Prosperity
During the Guptas Empire, the country a time known as what? The Golden Age
What is the name given to the time in history when the Guptas Empire enjoyed a time of great cultural achievements? The Golden Age
Trade and farming flourished during which Empire? Guptas Empire
During which empire was the system of Arabic number writing, the decimal system, and the concept of zero developed? Guptas Empire
During the Guptas Empire, what was one important medical related accomplishment? Smallpox vaccination
This was the last of the great empires. After this, India split into many kingdoms for almost 1,000 years. Guptas Empire
This empire rose up in 1526, after almost 1,000 years when India had been split into many different kingdoms. Mughal Empire
This was the first empire in India. Maurya Empire
This empire was known for having schools, a library, and splendid palaces. Maurya Empire
The Maurya Empire was known for building __________ and __________. Roads and Hospitals
This empire had specially trained women warriors who guarded the palace. Maurya Empire
The Maurya Empire was known for having this. Brutal secret police
The Maurya Empire was known for having a well organized _____________. Bureaucracy
Who sent missionaries to spread Buddhism across India? Asoka
The cities of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro were _________ cities? Large
These were very carefully planned out and organized cities. Harappa & Mohenjo-Daro
In the early 1600's this group won the trading rights on the fringe of the Mughal Empire. British East India Trading Company
The British East India Trading Company's main goal was what To make money
Name 3 things that that the British East India Trading Company did Improved Roads Preserved Peace Reduced Banditry
The influence of this group grew as the Mughal Empire declined. British East India Trading Company
This was the turning point that lead to India's independence. Amritasar Massacre
The time in history when Brittish soldiers opened fire on an unarmed crowd during a peaceful public gathering, killing 400, is known as what? Amritasar Massacre
This is the name given to the lowest class of citizens in India. Untouchables
Gandhi became the leader of what group in 1885? Indian National Congress aka Congress Party
Gandhi set out on a 240 mile walk to the sea as a protest against a monopoly that the British government had on a natural resource. This was known as what? Salt March
This group believed in peaceful protests to gain more democracy and they supported the Western style of modernization. Indian National Congress aka Congress Party
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