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Units 16-19

Age of Absolutism and examples monarchs try to centralize their power. Examples: Suleiman, Akbar, Peter the Great, Louis XIV, Philip II, Elizabeth I
Divine Right Bossuet, rulers power comes from God
John Locke Natural rights, democracy, gov't should protect rights, if not people should overthrow
Thomas Hobbes absolute monarchy
English Civil War and impact Parliament v. king, Impact: Cromwell comes to power (Puritan Rev.) - eventually limits power of monarch
Glorious Revolution limits power of monarch
English Bill of Rights limits power of monarch
Peter the Great Westernized/modernized Russia, Absolutism, warm-water ports
Ottoman Empire Defeating Byzantines caused Age of Exploration, controlled key trade routes
Taj Mahal reflected beliefs/values
Akbar the Great and Suleiman the Great Absolute Rulers
Ming Dynasty Funded voyages of Zheng He, stopped exploration and isolated China, b/c they believed contact with foreigners had little value (ethnocentrism)
Zheng He Made people he encouraged on voyages pay tribute and trade, sailed to Middle East and Africa
Tokugawa Japan Isolation
Causes of the Age of Exploration astrolabe, caravel, cartography, Ottoman Empire controlling overland trade (so Europe needed new routes)
Effects of the Age of Exploration conquistadors, Columbian Exchange, Middle Passage, Triangular Trade, mercantilism, encomienda (forced labor for natives), migration of Europeans and Africans to New World
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