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Red Module

Examination Postions and Draping

List general considerations A comfortable position, will help patient to relax. Keep patient covered with appropriate draping and never leave patient who is weak, dizzy or at risk of falling
Standing Postion typical for examination of male patient's genitals or assessment for inguinal hernia. Screening test for scoliosis (spine)
Sitting Auscultation of: Heart & Lungs. Examination of: head, eye, ears, nose, throat. For parts of a neurological exam. Drape sheet across lap and legs
Dorsal Recumbent flat on back with knees bent on exam table. Examination of, rectum, vagina, or both. Drape placed diamond shaped fashion to cover chest and pubic area, wrap each leg with a corner of the drape
Supine Position Flat on back with arms at the side, legs extended. Examination of: front of body, breasts, palpation of internal organs. Draping extends from under the arm pits to the toes.
Lithotomy Position Position patient in Dorsal Recumbent position with feet on corners of table. Buttocks to the end of the table, feet placed in stirrups. Examination of pelvic area and for Pap Tests. Drape in diamond position
Knee Chest Position Patient on knees on exam table, buttocks raised while head & chest remain flat on table, arms extended w elbows bent. Place pill under chest. Examination of rectum or prostate Drape covers back legs
Prone Position Lying on abdomen with hands at side, head turned to side. Examination of; spine and legs. Drape extends from shoulders to knees
Fowler's Position sitting with back rest 90 degree angle, legs are extended flat on table . Examination of lower extremities and feet. Maybe a position of comfort or respiratory patients. Drape should cover legs.
Semi Fowler same as Fowler but at 45 degree angle.
Sims Position the patient on the left side and chest, the right knee and thigh drawn up, the left arm along the back. For performing a barium emena
Trendelburg Position the patient is supine on a surface inclined 45 degrees, head at the lower end and legs flexed over the upper end. Usually a position use in abdominal surgery or treatment of shock, people in anaplylaxis and divers recovering from deep dives.
Created by: amatt